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Pavilions on Palm Beach gets facelift with Transitions Honed Concrete floor

Project Background

Pavilions on Palm Beach is a living, dining and shopping hub located just one street from the beachfront in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. Transitions have, this year, completed works to the existing Stage 1 of development to revitalise the existing external flooring areas with Transitions Honed Concrete. This revitalisation was not only to install a more durable and lower maintenance floor but to align this product with that which is planned for the upcoming Stage 2 of development. The second stage comprises of more apartments, dining and shopping outlets with one-of-a-kind contemporary design that will draw the crowds to meet, eta, shop and be entertained.

Pavilions on Palm Beach gets facelift with Transitions Honed Concrete


  • Transitions Honed Concrete
  • R10 Slip Rating
  • Full Aggregate Exposure
  • Ungrouted to 60 grit finish
  • Penetrating sealer


  • 480m2


The clients objective for the external concrete floors at Pavilions on Palm Beach was ultimately about the floors ability to maintain its aesthetic appearance in the long term whilst remaining low maintenance. In addition to this, the client wanted to greatly improve the aesthetic, compared to that of the existing exposed aggregate floor, that had been unable to perform within the high traffic environment and appeared dull and warn, not to mention difficult to clean.


The main requirements for this floor were based on functionality. In a very high traffic environment, this concrete floor was required to be durable. Secondary to this, the client required a floor that would be easily serviceable and maintainable. The existing exposed aggregate floor had proven very difficult to maintain and had over time become very warn and dirty. Finally, being in an external environment and exposed to the elements the concrete floor at Pavilions on Palm Beach required a slip rating of R10.

Chosen Product

The chosen product for the revitalisation project at Pavilions on Palm Beach is Transitions Honed Concrete. This flooring product was chosen to replace the existing exposed aggregate floor due to its ability to fulfil all of the clients objectives and requirements. Transitions Honed Concrete is an extremely durable flooring option that can withstand high traffic environments without affect on its aesthetic appeal. This concrete flooring option can also be exposed to the harsh Australian weather elements without fading or discolouring over time.

The choice in Transitions Honed Concrete also proved to be a cost effective option for the client, to revitalise the external flooring areas, as they were not required to remove the existing floor in order to install the new one. Rather the Transitions team were able to grind down the exposed aggregate product to create a flat, seamless finish. This included the decorative cobblestone paving bonds that wound through areas of concrete.

Overall Outcome

The client was overall happy with the results of the external floors completed by Transitions. The Transitions Honed Concrete floor brightened the overall appearance of the area and uplifted the aesthetic of the entrance to the shopping and dining areas.

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