Honed Concrete

Uses of Transitions Honed Concrete

Transitions Honed Concrete is the perfect way to take your floors outside! Why stop there? Benches, tables, wet bars, pool coping and grills can also be practical and look great. Transitions Honed Concrete is an external flooring product that has the look and feel of a contemporary designer floor, is versatile in its design and has the functionality of a hard wearing, long lasting floor. Transitions Honed Concrete is also slip resistant and can withstand the harsh Australian climate, whilst maintaining its colour and stylish feel.

Transitions Honed Concrete can be installed on either a new or existing slab of concrete and is ideal for both residential, industrial and commercial projects. It is commonly used in the home around pools, on pathways, driveways and in outdoor entertainment areas. In the commercial environment, Transitions Honed Concrete is suitable for all public access areas, including walkways, staircase, bathrooms and foyer areas.

How is Transitions Honed Concrete created?

Transitions Honed Concrete is created by cutting back the surface of the concrete to the desired level and refining the surface of the concrete, using progressively finer grades of abrasives.. The surface is not as refined to the level of polished floors and it is critical to consider the required slip ratings on external decorative finishes.

Transitions Polishing and Grinding typically finish honed concrete to 60-120 grit, which has achieved a slip rating of R11 or higher.

When choosing your sealing method you should consider the following:

  • Penetrative sealers are our preferred method of sealing. They are extremely UV stable, easily maintained and enables an excellent slip rating to be achieved. Water or solvent based you can choose between the natural look or use impregnated sealers that intensify the colours in the concrete.
  • Surface coatings typically acrylic, urethane or epoxy coatings; provide excellent resistance to staining and are aesthetically pleasing. Non-slip granules can be seeded into the surface coating to achieve acceptable slip ratings.

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Product Specifications - Honed Concrete

  1. Product Details
Area: External Slab: New & Existing
Life Cycle: 5-7 years Warranty: 5-10 years
Finishes: Natural, Colour Enhanced Slip Resistance: R11 - R13
Aggregate Exposure: 3/4, Partial Grind, Full Grind, High Steel Trowel Aggregate Size: Standard: 3-14mm | Exotic Pebbles: 20-60mm | Glass: 5-10mm
Sealers: Penetrating, Acrylic & Polyurethane Maintenance: 3 years
Other: UV Stable Usage: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Government, Landscape