Polished Concrete
Internal floor finish
Commercial & residential projects
New & existing slabs 
Stylish, durable & low maintenance 
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Honed Concrete
External floor finish
Commercial & residential projects
New & existing Slabs
Hardwearing, slip resistant & contemporary
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Epoxy Coatings
Internal & External floor finish
Commercial & Industrial projects
Surface coating for extreme conditions
Protective & decorative uses 
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Stained Concrete
Internal floor finish
Commercial & residential projects
Match branding or colour of two slabs
Brighten a space & add character
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Epoxy Flake
Internal & external floor finish
Commercial, industrial  & residential 
Surface coating for high traffic areas
Impact resistant & durable
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Floor preparation technique
Decorative uses for public art
Dust free process
Removes, cleans & profiles the surface
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What does a concrete floor offer you?

Form & functionality! Here are the key benefits of our concrete flooring products.


Durable and hard wearing. The surface of finished concrete floors are refined and hardened through various finishing processes. This means your floor is not going to be damaged in a hurry.

Beautiful Aesthetic

Concrete floors are a stand out design feature! They add an architectural element that is completely unique, seamless and timeless.

Low Maintenance

Concrete is a very low maintenance flooring option. The seamless finish ensures that you no longer have to worry about dirt becoming trapped in grout lines or fibres.


Concrete is extremely versatile in terms of design capabilities and enables you to design a floor that suits the specific style and functional requirements of your project.

Indoor Air Quality

Allergen free and low VOC. Concrete floors help maintain clean air through the lack of dust and dirt being harboured in the air. They do not support the growth of toxic moulds and bacteria and are easy to clean and maintain.

Energy Efficient

Thermal mass. Concrete is very effective at holding and releasing heat gradually through its thermal mass properties. This has the ability to keep an environment warm in winter and cool in summer..