Project Highlight: Cairns Foreshore Redevelopment - Stage 2

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors CairnsProject Background

The Cairns Foreshore redevelopment project has further progressed with the restoration of Wharf Shed Number 2, the second of the reconditioned wharf sheds at Trinity Inlet in Cairns, to include the installation of Transitions Polished Concrete and Transitions Honed Concrete flooring.

The Cairns foreshore is a landmark site in North Queensland that has undergone major renovations since 2010. The works began with the restoration of Wharf Shed Number 3, to be utilised as an international cruise liner terminal and functions centre. The result was an architecturally award-winning project, which effortlessly integrated the buildings rich historical features with contemporary design. (Follow this link to learn more about this project - The Polished Masterpiece of Decorative Concrete)

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors CairnsStage 2 of the Cairns foreshore redevelopment aimed to fulfill this same goal, harmonising the look and feel of Wharf Shed Number 2 with its award winning neighbour. The project consisted of:

The intended use for this building is a multi-use public space and retail precinct, designed to compliment the influx of passengers and visitors who frequent the Cruise Liner Terminal just next door.

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors CairnsClient Objective

The clients' main objective to achieve through this stage of development was to seamlessly match the high level of quality finishes with the polished concrete and honed flooring installed by Transitions in Stage 1. Furthermore, the concrete floors were to be exactly matched in terms of aggregate colour, exposure and finish.

Client Requirements

As with Transitions' previous installation, the polished concrete and honed concrete floors were to require minimal maintenance, all whilst remaining a hardwearing, durable and functional product. This being due to the large and constant amounts of foot traffic they will receive over time.

Commercial Polished Concrete Floors CairnsThe internal flooring areas needed to achieve a minimum R9 slip rating and external flooring areas to achieve a minimum R11 slip rating.

The sealers required suitability to the harsh environment and weather conditions with which they were applied and the ability to be applied to the wharf decks. This, in addition to a high level of abrasion resistance to cope with the large amounts of foot traffic derived from cruise ships docking at the terminal. The sealers were also low VOC.

Chosen Product

For the internal areas, Transitions Mechnically Polished Concrete was chosen with the following specifications:

  • Commercial Honed Concrete Floors CairnsLow gloss
  • Full aggregate exposure with Innisfail aggregate. This represents the history of the Wharf whereby sugar was transported in by train and out by ship.
  • R9 Slip Rating
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low maintenance,  and 40 mpa

For the external areas, Transitions Honed Concrete was the chosen product with the following specifications:

  • Commercial Honed Concrete Floors CairnsFull aggregate exposure/grind on external staircases and the rejuvenation railway track to align with the honed concrete finishes of Stage 1.
  • Partial aggregate exposure/grind in all other external areas to match the weathered look of the old wharf deck
  • Purpose designed, high saline, low VOC sealer for the wharf decks with a life expectancy of 7 years.
  • R11 Slip Rating
  • Aggregate and concrete colours match that of Stage 1

Commercial Honed Concrete Flooring CairnsOverall Outcome

The outcome of this project was simply magnificent. The specifications of the polished concrete and honed concrete floors were exactly matched, resulting in a seamless flow from Shed No. 3 through an adjoining courtyard, into Shed No. 2.

Transitions completed the works in half the allocated time. The sealer used enabled the concrete to be cut early, within 7 days, and sealed within the first 21 days. This was without any affect on curing times or product life.

The concrete floors spill out into the outdoor space to find honed concrete pathways, parkland and the foreshore,not to mention the existing public art space with Transitions decorative shotblasting.

Commercial Honed Concrete flooring and Outdoor BBQ Benchtops CairnsThe restoration of Wharf Shed No. 2 embraces the rich historical nature of this old docking terminal and highlights the significance of the cultural heritage through contemporary design and functionality.

Transitions are honoured to have taken part and to be associated with such a beautiful project, significant to the Cairns community. If the results of Stage 1 are achieved in Stage 2, which we believe they will, the decorative concrete flooring will stand the test of time.