Project Highlight: Woolworths Supermarket, Surfers Paradise

Supermarket, Gold Coast, with Transitions Polished Concrete floorsWoolworths has grown into a household name with a presence in almost every metropolitan and regional centre in Australia and New Zealand. In terms of their supermarkets, Woolworths are committed to providing customers with the most enjoyable, quality shopping experience possible.

Project Background

Woolworths were taking over an existing retail space in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast and required Transitions to rectify the polished concrete (coated) floors that had been recently installed. Furthermore Transitions were contracted to install epoxy coatings in all food preparation and deli areas. 


- Substrate: Existing Slab

- Full Exposure and high gloss finish. 

ScopeSupermarket, Gold Coast, with Transitions Polished Concrete floors

- 2050m² of Polished Concrete

- 425m² Epoxy Coating System (Trowel with coving)

 Client Objective

Woolworths were unhappy with the pitted, dull and worn polished concrete floors that had been installed in their new store. They were also concerned about the flatness of the surface and contracted Transitions to make vast improvements to their existing floor.

Client Requirements

Woolworths required the following from Transitions:

- The floor to be completed within tight construction timelines due to time already utilised with the installation of the substandard floor from a previous contractor

- Minimal downtime to other trades upon installation of the rectified floor

Supermarket on the Gold Coast with Transitions Polished Concrete floors.


- A floor that improved light reflectivity in the supermarket, due to only a small amount of natural light coming in

- Durability and abrasion resistance to withstand very high amounts of foot traffic and trolley loads on a constant basis

- Low maintenance

- Stain Resistant

Chosen Product

As a result, Transitions Polished Concrete was installed throughout the shopping areas of the supermarket. The polished concrete floor was selected with full aggregate exposure and a high gloss finish. This finish was chosen to enhance light reflectivity throughout the store.

The Transitions Polished Concrete installed in this Woolworths store was designed with minimal maintenance in mind. The maintenance requirements on this floor are minimal and as the store already included automatic scrubbing in their cleaning regime, the transition between the old and new floors was limited.

In terms of stain resistance on the polished concrete floor, it was important that the sealers selected could resist penetration from a myriad of different food and liquid types.

In addition to the polished concrete floors, Transitions installed epoxy coatings in all the food preparation and deli areas. The epoxy coatings were designed to match the corporate branding of Woolworths. The existing epoxy floors had to be removed and new floors (with coving) installed, in line with the Woolworths design brief. 

Overall Outcome

Supermarket on the Gold Coast with Transitions Polished Concrete floors.


The aesthetic results speak for themselves, the store looks fantastic and the client is very happy with the improved appearance and functionality of their polished concrete and epoxy floors.

In terms of maintenance the polished concrete floors have traditionally been costly for Woolworths due to the expensive coatings applied, however the lifecycle costs on Transitions Polished Concrete are much lower than other traditional polished concrete floors and other floor coverings typically installed into Woolworths stores.

Construction timelines only allowed a four-week installation time, the Transitions Polishing & Grinding team achieved this target with ease, completing all polishing works in two weeks and most importantly on budget. During the grinding works, other trades were able to complete their works, which was also an important factor.

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