IGA supermarket chooses Transitions Polished Concrete floors again for new Beerwah Shopping Village store

Project Background

IGA Beerwah Shopping Village uses Transitions Polished Concrete floorsBeerwah Shopping Village, a local convenience based shopping centre in Beerwah north of Brisbane, has undergone a major 15,000m2 expansion which has seen the introduction of 25 specialty retail shops including a new anchor store, IGA supermarket. The shopping centres expansion has been welcomed by small businesses in the area, who are delighted to see local spend increasing. The new expansion, which was successfully completed in October, is directly adjacent to the existing Beerwah Marketplace.


  • Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete
  • R9 Slip Rating
  • Partial Aggregate Exposure
  • Satin/Low Gloss Level
  • 400 Grit


  • 1,700m2


The client had one very basic objective of the flooring product for the new IGA store at Beerwah Shopping Village and this was to have a minimalistic look and feel whilst performing its functional requirements.


Due to the environment in which this floor is to be located, a busy supermarket, the functional requirements are specific. Being a high traffic thoroughfare the flooring product needs to be hard wearing and durable whilst still maintaining it's aesthetic. In addition to this, the client required a flooring product that has low ongoing and periodic maintenance.  

Chosen Product

The chosen product for the new IGA supermarket at Beerwah Shopping Village is Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete. This product is an IGA approved product and Transitions are an IGA approved applicator, with Beerwah being their fourth store to complete the installation of a Transitions Polished Concrete floor.

Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete was chosen for a number of reasons, for the new Beerwah store, for which the products inherent characteristics outperform IGAs traditional flooring choice, vinyl. In addition to Transitions Polished Concrete floors meeting all of the objectives and requirements set down by the client, it also has provided the client with a shorter install period and is a more cost effective option.

The Transitions Polished Concrete floor installed at the IGA supermarket had a partial grind to maintain the minimalistic feel and reduce cost. Teamed with this was a satin or low gloss level and R9 slip rating.

The Transitions Polished Concrete floor at IGA, Beerwah also included a semi-rigid polyurea jointing system, which can be polished along with the floor but allows for expansion and contraction of the structural slab. It was necessary for this project as the saw cuts and expansion joints needed to be able to handle the constant wheel loads and trolley traffic alongside the polished concrete floor. The main benefit here is that concrete edges are protected from chipping with heavy loads being wheeled over it on a constant basis.

Overall Outcome

The Transitions Polished Concrete floor delivered at the new IGA Beerwah Shopping Village store had a fantastic result. The floor achieved an average gloss level of 55 and a slip rating of R9, which was on specification. The floor was installed and completed in 7 days rather than the 14 days that was allowed for in the project schedule. Generally in appearance the floor uplifted the look and feel of the store and the client was very happy.

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