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Gold Coast Cultural Precinct wins Master Builder Award 2018

The Gold Coast Cultural Precinct, with which Transitions completed the polished concrete and honed concrete works, has been awarded a Master Builder Housing and Construction Award for 2018.

According to the 2014 Masterplan, the precinct presents a design that embraces the city's egalitarian and celebratory character while cleverly addressing its evolving cultural facility needs.

Congratulations to all parties who worked together to complete this fantastic project.

To view more images from this project visit the Master Builder Awards website via the link below. 

Master Builder Housing & Construction Awards - Gold Coast 2018

2016 Award Winner in Polished Concrete Awards, Fashion Spree Shopping Centre

Transitions have been awarded the International Polished Concrete Award in the Retail Category of 2016 for their works at Fashion Spree Shopping Centre in Liverpool, Sydney.

Transitions win Polished Concrete Awards - Retail Category - 2016CONGRATULATIONS to all the Transitions team who consistently produce beautiful and functional concrete floors to the highest quality seen on the market! This is the second time Transitions have been presented with this award, first in 2014, and are thrilled to once again be recognised for a truly fantastic project.

Our congratulations must also extend to Luchetti Krelle and Gazbuild for the design and build of the project.

Fashion Spree is a new outlet shopping centre in Sydney. The shopping centre spans 14,000m2 and encompasses 50 retailers. Built in the 1950's, the building was initially developed as the Viscount Caravan manufacturing facility and thereafter turned into the Liverpool Markets, a marketplace for fresh food, before coming Fashion Spree. The 60year old building has been revitalised as a part of the development process of this shopping centre and whilst the design of the centre was focussed on creating a modern, upmarket space it was imperative to maintain its historical significance. To read more about the project, follow this link.

To read the competition entry, follow the below link:

Fashion Spree Shopping Centre - 2016 Retail (Large) Polished Concrete Award Winner

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Transitions' closing hours for the Christmas holidays

Transitions will be closing for the Christmas holidaysTransitions will be closed for the following days over the Christmas holiday period. 

Closing: Friday 18th December (from 4pm)

Reopening: Monday 11th January (from 8am)

The whole Transitions team wish you a very happy and restful Christmas holiday period. We certainly will be taking the time to recuperate after a very big year in 2015.

We look forward to a bigger and better 2016.

The Transitions team.

Transitions Nominated in Polished Concrete Awards 2016

Transitions Nominated in Polished Concrete Awards 2016Transitions are excited to announce that their concrete flooring works at Fashion Spree Shopping Centre in Sydney has been nominated in the International Polished Concrete Awards 2016.

Concrete Surfaces magazine have established an annual Polished Concrete Awards to recognise todays most outstanding projects, internationally.

The Transitions team always strive to achieve the highest quality work, continually developing their systems and creating floors that test the boundaries, are aesthetically beautiful and suitably functional.

One winner will be selected from each category by a panel of judges. The projects will be judged on such factors as use of innovative techniques, materials and products, innovative design, workmanship and creativity.


To read more about this project follow the link below:

A turn of the century industrial design at Fashion Spree sees a 60 year old slab turned into a modern masterpiece

To read the project nomination follow the link below:

Polished Concrete Awards 2016 - Fashion Spree Shopping Centre


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Transitions are certified for Retro Plate

Transitions are proud to announce they are now certified installers of Retro Plate.

Transitions are now certified installers of Retro PlateProduct Description

RetroPlate 99 is a chemically reactive concrete stabilizer which enhances concrete density and hardness, allowing the concrete to be finished to a high cosmetic, marble like sheen. It is used in conjunction with the RetroPlate® Concrete Polishing System for select floors in which:

  • The floor is deteriorating and dusting.
  • The concrete surface is dull, rough, pitted or raw looking.
  • Overlays, toppings or expensive recoating is required.
  • A marble like, hard shell, maintenance free finish is desired.

 In addition to bare concrete, RetroPlate 99 works successfully with integral color, acid stains, dyes, dry shake hardener and cementitious terrazzo.

RetroPlate 99 and the RetroPlate® Concrete Polishing System, provides a functional solution to floor problems, as well as being architecturally and design ambitious. Colored aggregate, recycled glass, and other decorative material can be added into the surface to be exposed during the grinding process. The unique ability of the RetroPlate® System to combine the architectural, artistic nature of design with the function and permanence of the best hardener in the business allows for unlimited possibilities for floor design.

 Treatment Results

In combination with the RetroPlate® Concrete Polishing System, RetroPlate 99 allows for a selection of three floor finishes:

Level 1 Hard-Shell, Satin finish (400 grit)

Level 2 Hard-Shell, Medium Sheen finish (800 grit)

Level 3 Light Reflective Mirror finish (1800 grit)

Each level provides an extremely pleasing, durable, water repellant, dustproofed, marble-like surface. Over time, RetroPlate 99 also increases in penetration resistance. RetroPlate 99 provides a hardened, durable, and dense concrete surface when applied after smoothing and honing of the rough, pitted concrete or removal of soft, carbonated concrete surfaces prior to Level 1, 2, or 3 finishing.

Different levels of grinding can be light to heavy depending on the desired level of exposed aggregate:

Cream No exposed aggregate.

Salt and Pepper Exposed sand and small aggregate. 

Heavy Aggregate ¼ - ½” exposed aggregate.