Transitions Feature in Flooring Magazine - December 2010

Transitions Polished Concrete feature in Flooring Magazine December 2012Transitions Polishing and Grindings recent project on the restoration of the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal has this month featured in the national Flooring magazine.

The expansive project featured a number of Transitions decorative concrete flooring products including:

  • Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete
  • Transitions Honed Concrete
  • Decorative Shot Blasting
  • Polished Concrete Plinths and Seats
  • Transitions Honed Concrete Stair Cases
  • Transitions Honed Concrete Disability Access Ramps
  • Restoration of the Heritage Listed Railway Track with Transitions Honed Concrete Infills

To read more about the restoration project, follow the link below:

Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal Restoration

To download Flooring Magazine - December 2010 issue, follow the link below. Check out the Transitions feature on page 26.

Flooring Magazine - December 2010 Issue