Floor Preparation at The Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa, Gold Coast

Project Background

Diamond Grinding/Floor Preparation at Gold Coast ResortThe Sheraton Mirage Resort & Spa is the Gold Coast only five star beachfront resort. The resort, which is surrounded by never ending pools, lagoons and water features, has recently undergone a revitalisation for which Transitions Polishing and Grinding were contracted.

This revitalisation included preparation works to diamond grind off the existing coating present from all pools and lagoons.


- Diamond Grinding/Floor Preparation of all pool and lagoon surfaces, including all vertical edges and lips

Diamond Grinding/Floor Preparation at Gold Coast ResortScope

- over 6,000m2 of diamond grinding/floor preparation

Client Objective

The Sheraton Mirage wanted to rejuvenate the look of all pools and lagoons throughout the resort to compliment internal renovations recently completed.

Client Requirements

The client required all diamond grinding to be completed within specified times of day in order to minimise disturbances on 

Floor Preparation Diamond Grinding Gold Coast

 guests. All works were to be completed within three weeks so that reapplication of a new coating could occur and the hotel could once again function as normal.

Overall Outcome

Transitions were able to complete this project within the three week timeframe allowed by the Gold Cost resort, not to mention with many rainy days. Due to the shapes and angles present in the pools and lagoons, a majority of the works were completed by hand held machinery and a total of 23m2 of waste was removed. The client was overall extremely satisfied with the Transitions team and the speed in which they were able to complete such a large, backbreaking project.

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