Project Highlight: Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre

Project Background

The Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre is the worlds first facility dedicated to the development of elite surfers and coaches.

The two level centre of excellence features state of the art education facilities, surf specific gym, auditorium, offices, testing and treatment room, accommodation for 22 and has been designed in consultation with the Australian Sport Commission and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

Client Objective

Hutchinson Builders and Surfing Australia were very methodical about the design of the polished concrete floors in this state of the art surfing performance centre. The main objective was to install a low maintenance, high abrasion resistant floor that was within budget and suited the contemporary building design.


Polished Concrete Floor Surfing Australia Gold Coast Polished Concrete Floor Surfing Australia Gold Coast



Client Requirements

The design of the floor was focused around the following key components - function, maintenance, aesthetics and budget. The design of the floors also had to consider the large amount of foot traffic that would periodically filter through the facility.

High abrasion resistance - this was essential due to sand being walked through the centre. This continuous abrasion from the sand reduces the life of a surface coating

Low maintenance - the concrete floors were to be easily maintained with low ongoing maintenance costs

Lifecycle - the concrete floor product chosen needed to have a long life span

Aesthetics - the client wanted a floor that complimented the buildings design and contemporary finishes

Chosen Product

The client chose Transitions Polished Concrete with full exposure of the aggregate throughout the internal areas of the centre, including the foyer, hallways, kitchen and dining areas, offices and recreational areas.


Polished Concrete Floors Surfing Australia High Performance Centre Gold Coast Polished Concrete Floor Surfing Australia Gold Coast

Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete (MPC) was chosen for the foyer and hallways as these would receive the highest traffic, most likely with large amounts of sand tracked through, therefore requiring a higher level of abrasion resistance. Transitions MPC has a high abrasion resistance, which ultimately means that the sand will have little impact on the surface and gloss level, in turn the maintenance would be minimal and cost beneficial.

In the kitchen and common areas, to conserve on the budget, Transitions Polished Concrete was installed. This system uses sealers that are easy to maintain and low cost to service. As these areas will only be used when camps are in place, they will experience less traffic, therefore abrasion resistance and wear was not as critical in design. However, the sealers chosen for the polished concrete floors in these areas are very serviceable, requiring only a buff if the surface begins to show scuff marks or wear.


Overall Outcome

Transitions were active in the design process to ensure the brief outlined by the client was clearly understood. This enabled the Transitions team to install two very functional, low maintenance floors into this world-class facility, the first of its kind.

The High Performance Centre was officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister, Treasurer Wayne Swan and Federal Member for Richmond, the Hon Justine Elliot.

The polished concrete floors were very well received by the clients and as you can see they really brought out the design features of this fantastic centre.


Polished Concrete Floors Surfing Australia High Performance Centre Gold Coast Polished Concrete Floor Surfing Australia Gold Coast