PanDOMO Decorative Topping the Perfect Fit for Apparel Kings, Kooga Australia

PanDOMO Concrete Floor Retail Store Gold CoastKooga, international designer and manufacturer of sports apparel and team wear, have this December seen their Australian expansion into retail. Opening their first store on December 1 at Harbour Town Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast, Kooga aspired to create a store that complimented its branding with clear lines and a strong visual appearance. For this, they contracted Transitions Polishing and Grinding to install PanDOMO decorative topping.

The original concrete floors in the retail store have been long standing, with a number of floor coverings and patchwork used over this time. For this reason, grinding and polishing the existing concrete slab did no fit the design criterion.

PanDOMO decorative topping, manufactured by Ardex Australia, was the flooring product of choice. PanDOMO was a logical fit with some very challenging and physical considerations.

PanDOMO has the ability to be installed at a minimum of 5mm, which was key as there was only a clearance allowable of 6mm enabling a seamless transition with the external colonnade.

PanDOMO Concrete Floor Retail Store Gold CoastTransitions Polishing and Grinding have tailored the PanDOMO product used in the retail store to match that of the Kooga branding. The PanDOMO floor installed is a dark grey/charcoal colour and has the appearance of a seamless stone floor. It is a floor with character and dimension.

Additionally, the PanDOMO product has low VOC levels and its a Green Building Council of Australia approved product. It uses Ardexs' unique Ardurapid curing technology, which enables it to be walkable after 3 hours and has the ability to be sealed within 24 hours.

Kooga have a long term plan of expanding their retail sector with each store presenting a consistent look and feel. PanDOMO makes this possible as Transitions Polishing and Grinding will be able to replicate the exact colour and finish in all future stores.

This flooring product allows design cohesion and presents a contemporary look and feel that Kooga can replicate with each retail store.