Pet Stock new North Lakes store focused on floor durability & hygiene

Project Background

Pet Stock North Lakes

As a part of the continued development of the North Lakes region, Pet Stock have opened a brand new store, alongside many other high profile retailers. The new store boasts a 1200m2 trading floor with all the features and products a pet owner could dream of, including a dog wash area and in house veterinary practice.

As with many of the tenancies in the centre, the store encompasses concrete floors installed by Transitions Polishing and Grinding.


  • Polished concrete
  • High steel trowel with no exposure of aggregate
  • Polished to an 800grit
  • Semi gloss finish
  • Application of C2 Hardened and C2 Seal


  • 1,200m2 - Main trading floor + veterinary treatment rooms + dust sealing to the back of house. 


In terms of objectives, the client aimed to achieve an aesthetically pleasing concrete floor that remained consistent with the look at feel of other Pet Stock stores. For this, the concrete floor must have a high steel finish with no exposure of aggregate.


Pet Stock has specific functional requirements for the concrete floors in their stores, as customers are able to shop with their pets. Additionally, Pet Stock at North Lakes incorporates an on site veterinary practice. The client required a concrete floor that is low maintenance, hard wearing and would maintain a certain level of hygiene. This means the floor would have the ability to be washed regularly with harsh chemicals, mostly in the veterinary treatment areas, and would not scratch easily from pallet jacks or pets walking over it.

Chosen Product

The chosen flooring product for the Pet Stock store at North Lakes is Transitions Polished Concrete with C2 Hardener and C2 Seal. The floor is finished to a high steel trowel, semi gloss finish.

These specific products were chosen due to their ability to fulfil the precise requirements set down by the client. The C2 products, combined with Transitions Mechanically Polished Concrete, produce a long lasting, gloss finished concrete floor that is UV stable and low VOC. Furthermore they offer a level of protection that will enable the client to clean the floor with harsh chemicals to maintain high levels of hygiene.


The concrete floor installed at Pet Stock North Lakes had a fantastic outcome and was installed within project timelines.

The finish achieved on the concrete floor was consistent throughout the store and achieved constant gloss levels of 60+. This increased light reflectivity in the store and created a light, bright shopping atmosphere.

The floor has proven to be hardwearing and durable without experiencing any damage during the fit out stage, as seen by Transitions when they returned to the store to complete a final buff of the floor before the official store opening.  

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