The Greener Grocer adds colourful design to their Transitions Polished Concrete floor

The Greener Grocer adds colourful design to their Transitions Polished Concrete floorProject Background

The Greener Grocer is an independently owned and operated supermarket located at the newly develop Capri on Via Roma shopping centre in Isle of Capri on the Gold Coast. The supermarket is focused on providing shoppers with fresh produce, sourced from local farmers markets, and other specialty goods, in addition to competitive prices and quality customer service.

Transitions Polishing and Grinding completed works at The Greener Grocer supermarket during the construction of the Capri on Via Roma shopping centre.


  • Transitions Polished Concrete
  • Transitions Stained Concrete
  • Gloss Finish
  • Sealers - tested to achieve an R9 slip rating


  • 1000m2 of Transitions Polished and Stained Concrete

Client Objective

The main objective of the floor installation at The Green Grocer was create a seamless transition between the main shopping centre, at Capri on Via Roma, areas and the supermarket tenancy. In terms of design, the client wanted to integrate patterns into their concrete floor to separate the general trading floor and the fresh produce section.  They also wanted to achieve a high gloss finish, to improve light reflectivity and brighten the retail space. Furthermore, a full exposure of aggregate was desired to aesthetically make the concrete floor a real feature within the store and functionally to remove variances in floor levels between the different concrete slabs present.

Client Requirements

In terms of requirements, the client required a very durable and lasting flooring solution that would be able to withstand high levels of trolley traffic without aesthetics being affected. The chosen flooring solution would also be required to fit in with maintenance schedules, only being serviced after trading hours. Finally, with the design of the shopping centre layout, being very open and communal, there are actually no shop fronts present. In addition to this, there were no set downs in the structural slab so that the same finish could be applied in the mall as with the tenancies. This meant that one of the most important requirements was that the floor flowed seamlessly into the supermarket tenancy.

Chosen Product

The product chosen for installation in The Greener Grocer supermarket at Capri on Via Roma was a combination of Transitions Polished Concrete and Transitions Stained Concrete. This combination was chosen to achieve the same overall finish, look and feel, but to create the design and patterns desired by the client.

The stained concrete areas in the supermarket were installed utilising the same orange stain as per the installation in the main shopping centre to create the seamless, uniform look. Transitions Stained Concrete was installed throughout the fresh produce section of the supermarket, with neat defined edges between the stained and unstained parts. This created a very striking look.

The sealers utilised on the supermarket concrete floor are designed for usage in high traffic areas, most specifically supermarket floors. In addition to the polished concrete floors inherently have a large number of advantages for usage in supermarkets. They are durable, easy to maintain and have a long life expectancy. The Transitions Polished Concrete floors also contributed to the aesthetics of the supermarket, being a very natural, organic marketplace that held an element of sophistication.

Overall Outcome

The resulting products of this project were very successful, achieving all objectives and requirements set down by the client. The Transitions Polished Concrete and Stained Concrete floors were able to both functionally and aesthetically perform to standard and the client was very happy with the outcome.

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